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Your Appointment

When you call our office, a friendly staff member will be able to guide you through the scheduling process. With our flexible hours, you will find it easy and convenient to schedule an appointment. If you are experiencing moderate to severe pain, please inform the staff. We will do everything possible to evaluate you within 24 hours, often times within the same day, of contacting our office.

When you arrive for your appointment, please be prepared to supply us with the following information:

  • Who is your dental insurance provider?
  • Who is the primary subscriber on you dental Insurance?
  • What is the primary subscriberís date of birth?
  • What is the primary subscriberís identification number?
  • Who is your general dentist?
  • What is your general dentistís telephone number?
  • Do you have any medical conditions that require you to take an antibiotic prior to being treated by a dentist?

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